We are a production brewery with a "Tasting Room" inside. We have ample indoor and outdoor seating.

  • You can buy tasters or full pours (tulips or pints) of beer at the Tasting Room. You can get a flight of 4 tasters at a time, or order them individually.

  • We only serve OUR beer made here, per our ABC license.

  • No outside alcohol is allowed in our space. Period.

  • We do not currently have a kitchen. We have food trucks here whenever the Tasting Room is open (except Mondays - that’s BYO night! Stop by your favorite local San Pedro joint and bring takeout here). Check the Food Truck Schedule on the Tasting Room page. You are also welcome to bring in food or have food delivered, but please be reasonable (e.g., no bringing grills or coolers).

  • ALL ages are welcome at our brewery. We strive to be family-friendly. However, this is a working production brewery and the brewery area has dangerous machinery, chemicals and a forklift operating, so please keep an eye on your children. Of course, you must be 21 years or older to drink our beer. Our “Warehouse 9” music shows late on Thursdays are also 21+.

  • PETS are welcome. As long as they stay on a leash, off benches and tables, and are well-behaved. Again, this is a working production brewery and it would be unsafe if a dog ran into the brewery area where there is machinery, chemicals, and a forklift operating.

Large groups and parties

Our Tasting room has “first-come, first-served” communal seating for individuals and small groups. If you have a large party (10-30) you must make a table reservation on our Tasting Room Page. Groups larger than 30 should inquire about booking our special event space on the Events Page of our website.

  • Tables for 10 are booked in 2-hour increments (12-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8). Table reservations require a (non-refundable) $150 minimum - pre-paid - plus a 20% gratuity charge.

  • Our average price for a full pour is just over $6, so the $150 will cover about 25 beers - Draft only - Any remaining balance may not be used to purchase beer to go.

  • When you arrive on the day of your reservation we'll start a tab for your party by holding your credit card. You'll receive wristbands to pass out to your group. Your guest may come to the bar and order freely by showing their wristband and indicating the last name on your party's tab. 

  • Once the minimum is reached, your group may continue to order drinks on your party’s tab. It is your responsibility to monitor your groups spending thereafter. The card on file will be charged to cover the remaining balance.

Table Reservation Guidelines

  • We have food trucks on site every day that we're open and we asks that your group supports them. While we can allow some outside food to be brought in, we ask that you limit     it to one food item per person, and that it be confined to your space. 

  • No picnic style spreads, no banquet style food trays, no coolers with outside beverages, no table coverings, and no outside chairs or furniture please. We have a plentiful selection of non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase.

  • Your table is yours for the 2 hour duration. Surrounding tables must be left open for walk-in customers. 

  • Small decorations are allowed, but they must first be approved by Management - No Balloons or banners on the tables or walls, please. 

  • The maximum number of tables a single group can book is 3 (Subject to availability)

  • Anything you bring in with you must be cleaned and either thrown out or taken away. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a $50 cleaning fee being charged to the credit card on file.

  • Please Note: There can be absolutely no outside alcoholic beverages consumed on premises. This is a serious matter which violates our ABC license. Open containers will be seized and you will be asked to leave immediately.

Growler fill policy

We fill growlers so you can take beer right from our tap home with you. Availability varies so check the board in the Tasting Room or call us. We sell 64 oz branded growlers for $6. We offer 32 and 64 oz fills. Growlers are TO-GO only. They may not be consumed at our Tasting Room.


We fill non-Brouwerij West growlers (blank or from another brewery), as long as the following requirements are met (to abide with California law and to maintain the integrity of our beer):


  • All information referencing any other brewery (text, design, names, logos, addresses, etc.) must be completely covered and obscured. Please do this before you arrive, if at all possible. We recommend using painters tape. We will attach our own tag with the proper information.

  • We currently only carry screw-on caps for certain 32 and 64 oz growlers. Please bring your own lid or cap.

  • Growlers must be CLEAN!!! We will NOT fill growlers that are not clean and sanitary, as that may impact the quality of our beer. We recommend immediately upon finishing the beer in a growler rinsing it with hot water and shaking to remove all remaining beer, twice. If you still see any foam, repeat. Let air dry and store unsealed.


  • DRINK FRESH: We recommend drinking the beer within 24-48 hours. Growlers are great, but they are not optimally-packaged beer. The beer will lose carbonation quickly, especially once you remove the cap.

  • KEEP COLD: If you will be driving a long distance, put a cooler with ice in your trunk.

  • KEEP OUT OF THE LIGHT: Light harms beer. Keep your beer in the dark and especially avoid direct sunlight. We provide bags that fit 32oz growlers.

  • CLEAN YOUR GROWLER AS SOON AS IT IS EMPTY: See above our recommendation on how to clean. 

Growler Disclaimers

  • We reserve the right to limit or stop growler fills at any time, e.g., during events.

  • We reserve the right to choose not to fill a growler for any reason, including cleanliness or questions re: the integrity of the vessel.

  • We reserve the right to change these policies at any time.


For more info, see the California Craft Brewers Association "Growler Clarification"